I have been a fan of care-packages much of my life. I find nothing more satisfying than assembling a box of favorite treats or products that will nourish the souls of people I love. Be it home baked goods, jams, a new favorite soap or tea, I love imagining how the use of these products might brighten somebody’s day.

Equally, I am a huge fan of surprises. One of my favorite child-hood thrills was something called “the grab bag.” It was usually a basket full of small brown paper sacks, all neatly folded and sealed with unknown surprises inside. There was a nominal cost to these grab-bags, somewhere between .10-.25 cents, but the thrill of anticipation was enormous! To this day if I go into a country store and they have anything even similar, I have to buy it. Who cares if it’s two crayons and an eraser I don’t need. It’s all about the thrill.

It is with this same feeling of joy and anticipation I have assembled this Sonoma Love Gift Box. I hope it makes your day a little brighter. I hope using the products makes you feel loved and cared for. I hope the surprise of receiving this box fills you with the excitement of a child.

To the good things in life,

Pam Bell,
Founder, Sonoma Love Box